Photographer should define to individuals using cameras who are dedicated, show some level of skill, talent, or expertise, and usually persist in taking pictures for extended periods of their life. A photographer is a person who takes photographs using a camera. A professional photographer uses photography to make a living, while amateur photographers take photographs for pleasure and to record an event, place or person. A photographer may stick to one subject area, such as portraiture or nature strictly, but quite a few usually spread their subject areas among many different kinds of photography, such as nature, portraiture, still life, photojournalism, urban & rural, and architecture, just to name a few.

About the Skilled Person

Saurabh Panwar

Contact Me Brain-Storm( 0$ ) ​An aspiring Engineer, I am a technical master in making. A perfect blend of creativity and intelligence. I am a photography enthusiast and have keen interest in travel and Street Photography. I got featured by various platforms such as Lonely Planet, Tripoto, Homwegrownin, Inspiro India and my pictures have been used for lockscreen … Continue reading “Saurabh Panwar”

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