A term used by people who are travelling away from home, but have distaste for the terms “tourist” and “holidaymaker”. Travelers are often said to be distinct from tourists/holidaymakers due to the fact that they travel for longer periods of time, seeing a variety of places in one trip, and make an effort to experience the real spirit of the places they visit, rather than just tourist resorts. Those who self-describe as travelers are also often travelling on a tighter budget than traditional tourists, staying in hostels rather than hotels. A roughly synonymous term is “backpacker”.

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Nidhi Sharma

Contact Me Brain-Storm( 0$ ) I am graduated in Biotechnology and currently running my career in research by doing PhD from Sapienza University, Rome. The main stream of my life is exclusively occupied by laborious experimental chores in the lab.While I’m working in the field of Alzheimer, everyday I am caught up with hundred of thoughts … Continue reading “Nidhi Sharma”

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