About us

Imbly consists of two parts:

  • Showcase
  • Eco-system

Showcase is where our users update their work. They showcase their passion. For example: Abhinav is an engineering manager by profession, but his passion is to code, innovate, brew beer and cook. So, Abhinav would love to create a showcase where he shows how he brews beer (although Abhinav is not very good at it yet). Abhinav would also love to showcase his signature dishes. Abhinav would also like to showcase his little innovation projects, that don’t make money, but are helpful to others and simply do something cool. We want people to be able to showcase their work in the best way possible. People looking at their showcase should get immersed in it. For the 2 minutes that they are spending looking at showcase, they have forgotten everything else.

Eco-system is where we monetize showcases. We know that Advice is something we want to sell. But, it might not make sense all the time. But, if we have awesome showcase, we will figure out a way to make our “showcase creators” money, that can be by selling your work or getting you work or getting you hired somewhere to work.

There are a lot of ways by which you can get generalized solution of a problem but for specific solutions there aren’t many platforms available. So there is our thought of creating showcases for people that can provide such solution in form of an advice or consultation. Irrespective of the monetary gains you also get a place where you can show your work to other people as well. So one profile can give you double advantage.


Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated developers who want to help the people in showcasing any talent or skill that you have. If you think that you have something unique and you want to showcase it to the world, then IMBLY is the platform that you want to be on. Not only we showcase your work in the most effective and best way but we also ensure that your profile never go unnoticed by visitors. We not only showcase your work but you can also get paid for your skill in two ways:
1. By selling your work to someone who is willing to buy.
2. By giving advice to someone who wants to follow the same path that you are in, becoming someone’s mentor and getting paid for it too, sounds good Haan !!



How imbly works ?

Using imbly is very simple, it’s just three steps:
1. Create your own free imbly account
2.a. Create a showcase by using the wizard tools
2.b. Upload files
3. Preview and save your work



Frequently asked questions:

1. How can it benefit me ?
Ans: By showcasing your work you are exposed to unlimited number of people around the world which will see your work, by showcasing your work you can get paid by
a. Selling your work
b. Giving advice to someone who wants to do something you are master of

2. How you will make it simple so that an uneducated person like me can use it?
Ans: Our team is always ready to help you or even create your showcase, just give us the details and some samples of your work and then just relax and see the magic happen. But if you want to be your own boss then we have developed the easiest system possible that even a kid can upload your work.

3. I am working here and if someone is outside and he liked my work, so who will be responsible for my travel and other expenses then if that person needs assistance ?
Ans: Currently the feature that will be unlocked is “Give Advice” only so we will update you as soon as we add a new feature, imbly doesn’t support getting a work or travel to client’s page.

4. I don’t have photographs to give, will your company help in getting photographs done ?
Ans: Yes, our representatives will help you in any way possible.

5. Is it a online scam ?
Ans: No it’s not a scam, everything that we will do or change we will take permission from you first, we really mean it when we say that its YOUR SHOWCASE.

6. Is it like Facebook?
Ans: It is if that means you will be addicted to it, other than that it is not. We use your data to get benefits to you in the form of income.

7. What if I want to change the content of my post, how can I do it on my own as you are saying it’s my post so I should be able to add and edit content ?
Ans: We agree too, but currently we are approaching you and our representative will handle everything for you but later we will give the power to you also. We all can be representatives of IMBLY. Once we are out of beta stage, your credentials will be emailed to you or we can call and tell you also !

8. What will be source of communication for advice ?
Ans: Currently it will be a live chat window inside imbly but who knows what future behold.

9. How you will decide on the price of advice?
Ans: Its your work so the price will be yours too, but do remember to treat us if u get paid too well !

10. What if someone wants to buy a work, who will decide the price ?
Ans: There can be scope for bargain always, but we will really appreciate you getting a good price for your skill as our customer.

11. How we will ensure delivery if someone buys someone’s work, or it will from user end totally?
Ans: Currently no deliver from our side but, courier company or the speed-post is a good option too.

12. How will I get paid ?
Ans: The first step will be to create your showcase, then if someone is interested in your work you get paid or if someone needs your advice and you give it, you get paid. We are thinking through PayPal, what u think ?

13. How you will prevent plagiarism ?
Ans: We ensure full responsibility of your data when we take it from you, so if anything happens we are ready to give you full support and help from our side.

14. How you will keep the data and images safe ?
Ans: We ensure full responsibility of your data when we take it from you, so if anything happens we are ready to give you full support and help from our side.