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As a child I was always fascinated with things that make you look cool. Be it the cool guy at the gaming parlor with exceptional skills to play Tekken or be the guy who can play a marathon of Counter Strike on his computer or a guy who can hit those long sixes while you just can’t even grab a simple catch. I always wanted to be cool so I tried almost all of these. Yes and you barely know my name and haven’t seen any interview of me or my pictures in any magazines which mean I sucked at all of them !

Since my childhood I saw my father always being passionate about songs and his humming sessions that I thoroughly enjoyed. As I grew up I realized that I have his genes and this tick of music was in me as well. My journey started by playing instruments in school like Tabla(Lady Repellent) and Drums(Too loud to hear any girl) and soon I lost interest in both of those. Later my eyes stuck on a very beautiful instrument and the voice that came out of it gave me shivers down my spine and at that very moment I knew that this is the instrument which I want to learn and pursue, yes it is the most amazing and the best instrument to pick up girls, The GUITAR.

Though I really didn’t have any luck in lady department but I reached a level where I can call myself an experienced guitarist. Along this passion I came across to know that I can sing very well so it came as a blessing in disguise for me. Music is my key to escape the reality for the time being and it will be the same for me, forever. Music is something that I always feel connected to, and it’s just the passion that has thrived me to pursue this hobby for as long as 10 years now.

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