Any person with a skill of creating beautiful landscapes using anything. A beautiful landscape not only soothes your mind but it also an essential peace factor which gives pleasure to brain by calming it whenever a person sees it. A lot of people travel to places to watch scenic landscapes just for the sake to get peace of mind, imagine something of this sort in your living room or your garden that you can see everytime.

About the Skilled Person

Prachi Chaudhary

Contact Me Brain-Storm( 0$ )   42 FLORALS, a one stop plant boutique to end your search for the best plants to make your home or workplace cool, colourful and healthy. May it be customised plant trays or designed planters, Prachi Chaudhary, has it all for you. Prachi is a landscape architect and has always been … Continue reading “Prachi Chaudhary”

Card Maker

Any person with a skill of making cards out of anything.

About the Skilled Person

Shaheen Khan

Contact Me Brain-Storm( 0$ ) I still believe that the best way to wish someone is through a card and if it’s a hand made card then the joy is doubled as the person receiving it knows that you have spent your time and energy in making it. This effort of yours makes the moment more … Continue reading “Shaheen Khan”

Fashion Designer

Any person with skills of a fashion designer like having a great taste in clothes, good with mix and matches of clothes, can design clothes.

About the Skilled Person

Vandana Bakolia

Contact Me Brain-Storm( 0$ ) As a child I fell in love with “Little House on the Prairie.” My mother taught me to sew and we made a sunbonnet. After that, I made all kinds of doll clothes. I had a powerful inner reality. After school I joined a center and got a diploma in Fashion … Continue reading “Vandana Bakolia”

Jewelry Designer

Any person with skills with which people can create jewelry from any material

About the Skilled Person

Rashi Jain

Contact Me Brain-Storm( 0$ ) Hello, I am Rashi Jain. A jewelry designer not by profession but still in learning phase so I like to call myself a student. Although there are a lot of creative people and professions that a person can indulge in like Fashion designing, Interior designing, etc. but my interest lied in … Continue reading “Rashi Jain”

Wooden Works

Any skill that requires working with wood to create furniture, doors, windows, showcases or wooden designs.

About the Skilled Person

Satyanarayan Jangid

Contact Me Brain-Storm( 0$ ) Craftsmanship just runs in my family. My ancestors including my father and my grandfather were all carpenters. Though I joined Indian Army to serve the country but the fate had different plans for me. Now I am a full time in this job and loves to make all sorts of furniture … Continue reading “Satyanarayan Jangid”