Nidhi Sharma

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I am graduated in Biotechnology and currently running my career in research by doing PhD from Sapienza University, Rome. The main stream of my life is exclusively occupied by laborious experimental chores in the lab.While I’m working in the field of Alzheimer, everyday I am caught up with hundred of thoughts of human being’s life. This profession took me way too far and that’s how I started traveling around and picking moments of their lifestyles. I refresh my brain with them and like to experience them because I learn everyday something exciting from them. The shutter speed of my camera tells me every single moment of their bright and dark side of life. I would like to blend myself with the world by carrying my profession and passion throughout. Out of my vast collection,I posted here few clicks to show you the world through my lenses and through my footsteps. There are many more to see and hope that you will like it.

“Live and do what you love”


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